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Art Of Inspiration


 The group “Art of Inspiration • Vladimir Andreyev and His Friends” is an international collaboration among some fifty-six artists and photographers from two countries – Russia and America. The task that these creative people have set for themselves is to maximize the artistic potential of the group who are the bearers of two major cultures, doing this through dialog, and the synthesis of several forms of art.

   First of all, the “Art of Inspiration” is a group of people who are close spiritually. Each member has his own “face”, and creates his own “signature” by following a unique course of creative exploration. Such a person embodies the group’s idea that creativity is a state of love, enlightenment, self-awareness, and meditation. Perhaps, also, there are elements of consolation, self-revelation and prayer. This understanding, specifically, is the unifying force and stimulus for the continued existence of the group and the exhibition of its multifaceted creations. 

   The photographer Mark Norberg has said, “The picture is a way for me to put into images what is sometimes hard for me to put into words. It is a way to carry on a dialogue; to understand and be understood.” So it is with the exchange project. What cannot be expressed about New York (and , all of America) in words can be projected visually through photographs and Art. Similarly, their photographs transcend all linguistic and cultural differences, and allow us an unrestricted glimpse into what ordinary thing inspire the Russians and permits us to share their vision. Bringing the timeless power of art to heal and the unique ability of this Russian-American union to play a special role in the communication between people, it seems a natural step to develop a program to sponsor the development of such a unique Russian-American alliance that will financially, morally, artistically support artists in both countries. This alliance will provide a goal in giving that is attainable and create a better understanding among nations that share a common bond, a love of the arts.

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