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Art Of Inspiration


About Us

   The key to the uniqueness of this group is in its composition. These are photographers and artists who live Russia, Russian artists living in the United States who, while having been assimilated into her culture, maintain cultural artistic ties to Russia, and also American artists, born and raised here. This cultural interplay allows for a wider dialog and cultural exchange and does not pass unnoticed by artistically interested people in both countries. The Russian resident members are selfless in their efforts at organizing the exhibitions there and acquainting the Russian audience with the work of contemporary American artists. It is interesting to note that these exhibitions take place not only in big cities, but also in provincial settings where they evoke a live response and gratitude from the viewers.

    As for the Russian-American dialog in the United States, the landmark event was the exhibition in December of 2006 at the United Nations, in New York. It is no accident that the name of the group is often taken to men “The Power to Inspire”. As not only members but also active participants in the group, Russian and American artists have the opportunity to learn from one another, to influence each others’ work, and inspire new creative discoveries. For the same reason, there is the interplay between professional artists and amateurs. One of the group’s important goals is to allow original, talented and inspired artists a chance to show their work, even though they may not have had any formal training in the arts.                   

   The criteria for membership in the group are the desire for artistic self expression, a creative bent, and a positive attitude. Anybody wishing to join the group must assess his goals and align them with those of the group. First of all, the “Art of Inspiration” is a group of people who are close spiritually. Each member has his own “face”, and creates his own “signature” by following a unique course of creative exploration. Such a person embodies the group’s idea that creativity is a state of love, enlightenment, self-awareness, and meditation. Perhaps, also, there are elements of consolation, self-revelation and prayer. This understanding, specifically, is the unifying force and stimulus for the continued existence of the group and the exhibition of its multifaceted creations.


E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. 347-210-4856


Vladimir Andreyev

2996 Avenue T

Brooklyn, New York 12996